What does the MYCETM system do?

The MYCETMsystem is primarily a Content Management System (CMS). The system originated as CMS only and has evolved into a full website management tool incorporating other features including CRM, event management, e-commerce, and a lot more. 

MYCE stands for:

  • Manage Your Content Easily
  • Manage Your Customers Easily
  • Manage Your Commerce Easily
  • Manage Your Costs Easily

Why was the MYCETM system created?

I developed the MYCETM system to give small business owners an easy-to-use solution for keeping their website current. The existing CMS systems available were not meeting the needs of most small business owners I talked to. CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal were way too complicated for the business owner to use.

The MYCETM system was never intended to be a full build-it-yourself solution for a website and will likely never go in that direction. When it comes to having a website that works, small business owners still need the expertise of a web marketing company to fully execute the campaign. However, there is no reason why a small business owner should not be given the tools to make minor updates and do what they can to keep content fresh. MYCETM exists to give my clients that freedom.

Does web security matter?

Absolutely. I've met with too many small business owners to count who have had their Wordpress website hacked.  In fact, it happens so much with Wordpress that Wordpress has their own FAQ page dedicated to it.  MYCETM was developed to be an extremely secure platform. Because of this security, only authorized developers are permitted to build websites using the MYCETM platform.

Small business owners should not have to worry about their website's security, or for that matter hosting security, email up-time, and browser issues.

With MYCETM, all customers receive the security updates, new browser fixes, and new available features. The only thing a small business owner should need to worry about is running their business.

Want to know more?

For a more in-depth feature list of what the system can do, visit www.mycesystem.com. To get your business's website on MYCETM, go to www.highlevelmarketing.com.